Click here to apply for free tickets if you are holding large quantity of high-quality domain names.
Ticket price: $ 2,000

Exclusive rights:

1. Conference admission qualification

2. You Willl acquire a boutique show guide of World Domain Conference,which includes participants' quotations, big data of domain industry, etc.

3. Acquire unique gifts from the host

4. Get souvenir photos after the conference

5. 3 nights five-star hotel accommodation from July 6 to 9

6. Meals from July 6th to 9th

7. Participate in various activities and interaction with guests during the conference

8. One ticket for one person only

Conference registration process
  • 01 Registration
    Submit your registration information online.
  • 02Payment
    After registration, please pay the tickets by online or offline remittance.
  • 03Confirmation
    After purchasing tickets, an confirmation email will be sent to you by the conference organizing committee.
  • 04Admission
    On July 6, please carry the ticket to the designated hotel to check in, and the Conference will be officially opened on July 7.
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*Registration deadline June 23rd
Ticket Instruction

1. After payment, Please send an confirmation email to so as not to affect your participation.

2. Hotline: +86 0571-85088026 QQ: 3302626164(Please contact our staffs to get the payment information)

Welcome to Join WDC in July

It is the common goal for the whole domain name insiders to promote the healthy development of domain industry, accelerate the mutual improvement of domain community, and correctly transmit the value of domain name. The very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment. As the organizers of the conference, is hoping to build an international platform for interactive communication and discussion, together with all peer companies and colleagues to struggle for the common development of the domain industry.

Due to the space limitation, the WDC participants were invited-only (Tiny quotas were open for domain name lovers).With the consideration that some qualified guests may not be within our invitation list, due to insufficient information. Thus, we are opening 30 quotas for participation now. If you are domain lovers, holding a large quantity of high-valued domains, and interested in this conference, Please send your application to Once verified, we will send you free tickets for the conference. Organizer covers the cost of hotel (July 6th-8th), meals (July 6th-9th) and airport transfers.